Talking Oregon State and the future of the Pac-2 with Angie Machado from

In this episode of the Podcast of Champions hosts Ryan Abraham and David Woods are in studio and joined remotely by the longtime publisher of, Angie Machado, talking about the state of the Oregon State athletic programs as the Beavers head into uncharted territory.

With the breakup of the Conference of Champions, Oregon State and Washington State were left trying to put the pieces back together, forming a two-team conference under the Pac-12 banner during the two year NCAA grace period. Over the next 24 months OSU and WSU will try and rebuild the Pac-12 into at least an eight team conference and work their way towards the future equivalence of “Power Five” status.

The War Chest of the Pac-2 will at least be healthy thanks to the recently signed settlement between OSU and WSU and the departing 10 members, giving them $65 million and assurances that the Pac-2 can remain a conference for the next two years.

They also discuss how Oregon State has looked this spring, the reported TV deal with the CW, players hitting the transfer portal and lots more.

As usual Ryan and Dave end the podcast answering listener emails and questions from the YouTube chat.

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