Talking future ACC programs California and Stanford with 247Sports reporter Jackson Moore

In this episode of the Podcast of Champions hosts Ryan Abraham and David Woods are in studio and joined remotely by Jackson Moore from BearTerritory and Cardinals247 to talk about all things California and Stanford football plus the Cardinal poaching Washington State head basketball coach Kyle Smith.

Cal football kicked off their spring practices last week, completing four before pausing for spring break. Jackson talks about some of the standouts he’s seen at practice including veterans Jaydn Ott and Fernando Mendoza.

Stanford spring football will kickoff next week with the start of the next academic quarter.

The guys also talk about the newly finalized settlement between the remaining Pac-12 members, Washington State and Oregon State, and the departing 10 members. The Cougars and the Beavers will collect $65 million from all of the teams that bailed and have protections against the conference’s future earnings and the ability for anyone outside of the Pac-2 to try and dissolve the conference.

As usual Ryan and Dave end the podcast answering listener emails and questions from the YouTube chat.

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