Podcast of Champions – More Pac-12 media rights rumors continues plus SDSU tries a power move

In this episode of the Podcast of Champions hosts Ryan Abraham and David Woods are back in studio talking about the latest rumors surrounding the pending Pac-12 media rights deal including the potential of an uneven split of post season generated revenue and a rather low annual number floated out there by WildcatAuthority publisher Jason Scheer. The Atlantic Coast Conference has already discussed trying to appease its power members with uneven splits of College Football Playoff bonuses and NCAA Tournament bouses, giving the postseason participants a greater share. There has been talk that the Pac-12 is discussing a similar strategy, rewarding programs that invest more into their revenue sports.

The guys also talk about San Diego State informing the Mountain West Conference of their intent to leave and their request for an extension of their June 30 deadline for official departure notification (afterwards their exit fee would go from $17 million to $34 million). SDSU doesn’t have a destination yet, presumably the Pac-12 or the Big 12, but they are trying to find a way to get out as cheaply as possible if a Power Five offer materializes.

They also talk about the Pac-12 recruiting rankings for the class of 2024 and give an update on Colorado’s roster situation including Coach Prime telling naysayers to take their shots now because they won’t be able to shoot later.

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