Podcast of Champions – Early season Pac-12 football TV times released

This week Podcast of Champions hosts Ryan Abraham and David Woods discuss the newly released early season Pac-12 television schedule that includes several high profile matchups against traditional powers from other Power Five conferences. It could be an incredible showcase for the Conference of Champions if the teams from the West Coast are able to notch a few notable victories or it could be a mitigated disaster for commissioner George Kliavkoff and the Pac-12.

They also take a look at the Pac-12 bowl schedule for the 2022 season that includes the rare January 2 Rose Bowl. The five bowls line up well for the Pac-12, getting to face a local Group of Five opponent from the Mountain West in the Los Angeles Bowl followed by four bowl games facing opponents from the other four Power Five conferences (Las Vegas vs. SEC, Alamo vs. Big 12, Sun vs. ACC & Rose vs. Big 10).

Which Pac-12 teams will step up and make it to those bowl games (or even a college football playoff appearance)? Jon Wilner recently broke down the Pac-12 football schedule strength so Ryan and Dave chime in and give their thoughts on all of the programs from the easiest schedule (UCLA) to the toughest schedule (Colorado).

As always Dave and Ryan spend the last part of the show answering your voicemails, texts and emails with questions about Pac-12 football plus lots of other topics.

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