Podcast of Champions – Pac-12 revenue drops to last place in the Power Five plus future conference schedule ideas

This week Podcast of Champions hosts Ryan Abraham and David Woods discuss a report by Jon Wilner that shows how the conference revenue fell significantly in 2021 thanks to the shortened COVID-19 football schedule in 2020 that saw most teams only play a handful of games. Wilner points out that the shortfall over the next four years will be significant, dropping the Pac-12 below the ACC into last place and leaving EACH Pac-12 program earning more than $100 million less than schools from the SEC and Big 10 over that span.

They also take another look at the conference’s decision to remove division winners from the Pac-12 Championship game and they debate what scheduling changes can be made for the future including a pods system that would group the Pacific Northwest, California and Mountain/Desert schools together and a “flex” schedule that could leave a couple of weeks open at the end of the season for games arranged on the fly. Dave even throws out a World Cup model where the conference holds group play for three weeks and then have programs advance from there into a mini tournament.

247Sports came out with new NCAA Transfer Portal rankings and Ryan and Dave see where the Pac-12 teams are ranked and which top-100 players the conference picked up.

As always Dave and Ryan spend the last part of the show answering your voicemails, texts and emails with questions about Pac-12 football plus lots of other topics.

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