Podcast of Champions – Could Pac-12 football lose divisions and drop a conference game plus Larry Scott’s final gift to Pac-12 fans

This week Podcast of Champions hosts Ryan Abraham and David Woods are together in person for the first time since the pandemic started, discussing the Pac-12 athletic directors meeting with incoming commissioner George Kliavkoff and how the future of college football scheduling strategy could change with the likely expansion of the College Football Playoff from 4 to 12 teams. The ADs are considering a couple of options to help optimize the Pac-12’s chances of making and succeeding in a 12-team playoff world, including eliminating the division model for the conference and dropping the required conference games for each program from 9 to 8.

Outgoing commissioner Larry Scott left Pac-12 fans with one final gift before he rides off with his moneybags into the sunset, declaring that the conference approves of the 12-team playoff model but wants to see all Power Five champions get an automatic bid. Dave and Ryan discuss how this makes the Pac-12 look weaker, showing no confidence that the conference champion would finish ahead of four of the Group of Five champions (two G5 champs would have to be ranked ahead of the Pac-12’s champ for them to be left out of the playoff).

The guys also talk about Arizona State’s COVID-19 recruiting scandal mess and how new reports have surfaced that could implicate more people higher up the food chain, two more Pac-12 teams announce full capacity crowds this fall, the NCAA getting dunked on by the Supreme Court plus NIL goes live in one week.

And as always they spend time answering every single question listeners manage to send in, including text messages and voicemails!

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