Podcast of Champions – ASU in potential hot water with NCAA for recruiting violations during dead period

This week Podcast of Champions hosts Ryan Abraham and David Woods discuss the breaking and disturbing news surrounding Herm Edwards and the Arizona State football program, alleging that the Sun Devils hosted recruits on campus during the NCAA extended recruiting dead period. According to reports, ASU had dozens of recruits from all over the country on campus from October through February, including a huge weekend of visitors for the Sun Devils spring game.

There is reportedly a dossier of evidence that was sent to the NCAA laying out all of ASU’s transgressions, breaking protocol during a global pandemic. During this period the Sun Devils miss three games in a row due to COVID-19 protocol, the only Pac-12 program to miss that many games in a row.

The guys also talk about what looks like the inevitable expansion of the College Football Playoff to 12 teams, something David calls “stupid.” They discuss how this could actually be a positive for the Pac-12, with the potential to host a CFP game on the West Coast plus more money for teams in the conference with more teams in the playoff.

And as always they spend time answering every single question listeners manage to send in, including text messages and voicemails!

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