Drama in the desert with Arizona losing its AD plus a booster makes it personal with Jedd Fisch

In this episode of the Podcast of Champions hosts Ryan Abraham and David Woods are in studio talking about some of the crazy drama in the desert around the University of Arizona. When Kalen DeBoer left Washington for Alabama, it opened up an opportunity for Jedd Fisch to head to Seattle, leaving the Wildcats high and dry. That really pissed off Arizona booster Humberto Lopez, who felt he had a deal in place for Fisch to stay in Tucson. He then went out of his way to throw NIL money at Wildcat players just so Fisch couldn’t take them to Washington, including star quarterback Noah Fifita and receiver Tetairoa McMillan.

Arizona also fired it’s athletic director and according to Brett McMurphy, Dave Heeke was fired for “financial & operational mismanagement, resulting in an athletic department financial ‘disaster,’ loss of major donors & mishandling of former coach Jedd Fisch’s contract.”

As usual Ryan and Dave end the podcast answering listener emails and questions from the YouTube chat.

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