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In this episode of the Podcast of Champions hosts Ryan Abraham and David Woods are in studio and joined remotely by Adam Munsterteiger from to talk about all things Colorado football and of course Coach Prime. The Buffaloes had one of the more eventful seasons in college football with new head coach Deion Sanders shaking things up with some massive roster restructuring and then made some assistant coaching changes after the 4-8 campaign. We chat with Adam about what changes Coach Prime has been making in the off-season as we head into spring football, what lessons were learned after the 2023 roster overhaul, the new Big 12 football schedule and what the expectations are for the Buffs in 2024.

The guys also talk about some of the new rule changes for college football including electronic helmet communication and the implementation of the two-minute warning.

As usual Ryan and Dave end the podcast answering listener emails and questions from the YouTube chat.

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