Podcast of Champions – Spring football updates from around the Conference of Champions

In this episode of the Podcast of Champions hosts Ryan Abraham and David Woods are back in studio talking once again about all things Pac-12 football. As we creep further into April (how did that happen so fast?) the guys reached out to the various publishers around the Conference of Champions to get updates on how spring football practice is going for each Pac-12 program. There are some new coaches, lots of new players and even a couple of new quarterbacks making their Pac-12 debuts so we get the skinny on how everyone is acclimating in their new environments and how much excitement and enthusiasm is being generated (here’s looking at you Colorado).

The guys also talk about the impressive run future Pac-12 conference member San Diego State made in the NCAA Tournament, nearly bringing the first major championship to the Conference of Champions since USC won a football title in 2004 (the last basketball championship was Arizona in 1997).

Everything is still quiet on the media rights front but Dennis Dodd is reporting that the Pac-12 is more likely to have a much higher percentage of its games on streaming platforms rather than linear television. Will that be an issue, even if the money gets close to the Big 12 if the Pac-12 has more than half its games streaming and the Big 12 has less than 30%? We are all still waiting to see how much money these programs will make and how much national exposure they will enjoy in 2024 and beyond.

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