Podcast of Champions – Pac-12 Conference Board Members issue joint statement on pending media rights deal

In this episode of the Podcast of Champions hosts Ryan Abraham and David Woods are back in studio discussing the long and drawn out pending media rights deal for the Pac-12 conference. On Super Bowl Monday the Pac-12 Conference Board Members issued joint statement that addressed the long wait for an announcement on media rights, but it did little to give fans of the Conference of Champions confidence that a big payday for the remaining 10 schools is coming. According to the statement the media rights deal or deals would be done “in the near future,” there have been “positive” conversations with “multiple potential media rights partners” and that the conference is “highly confident in our future growth and success as a conference and united in our commitment to one another.”

The guys breakdown what they took away from this joint statement including the fact that it came from the board members and not commissioner George Kliavkoff. They also talk about what some of those outside of the Pac-12 footprint are saying, including projections of doom and gloom for the PAC.

Speaking of Kliavkoff, he was seen at a Southern Methodist basketball game and has reportedly been in conference expansion discussions with SMU and San Diego State. Some are speculating that the media rights delay is in part due to the need for increased game inventory and that Kliavkoff may need to add two more teams to have more games to sell to potential media partners.

They also talk about Utah quarterback Cam Rising tearing his ACL but still aiming for a return before the start of the 2023 season and Utes offensive coordinator Andy Ludwig not taking the same position at Notre Dame, in part because of his rather large buyout.

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