Podcast of Champions – No deep March Madness run for the Pac-12 & spring practice reports

This week Podcast of Champions hosts Ryan Abraham and David Woods return to put a bow on the Pac-12 2021-2022 college basketball season, with USC losing in the first round and both Arizona and UCLA getting knocked out in the Sweet 16. The guys normally don’t discuss basketball on the podcast (for good reason) and after a major drop-off of listener questions following our previous basketball episode, we can safely say this is the final time basketball becomes an actual topic on the show.

With basketball far in the rearview mirror, we can get to the task at hand, football and off-season nonsense topics like Disney princesses and Civil War generals. Starting with football, Ryan checked out reports from all 12 football programs in the Conference of Champions and passes along what he was able to learn. As of now 8 of the 12 teams have already started spring football practice with three more starting this week and California starting next week.

As always Dave and Ryan spend the last part of the show answering your voicemails, texts and emails with questions about Pac-12 football plus lots of other topics.

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