Podcast of Champions mailbag – Taking your Pac-12 questions

David Woods and Ryan Abraham rate the Pac-12 road trips and answer your questions about stealing recruits from other teams and more.


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  1. Hey Guys, regarding PAC-12 officials:
    To your knowledge is the bad reputation of PAC-12 officials recognized outside of the PAC-12?
    And do you expect any improvement under the leadership of the new full-time guy in charge? I believe there can be no significant performance change without wholesale personnel changes and, so far, I have heard no reports that a lot of personnel changes are going to be made.

    1. In general most fans think the refs in their conference are terrible. But many of the national media members we talked to have negative feelings towards the performance of the Pac-12 refs. Not sure we expect improvement, we’ll have to see it to believe it.

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