Pac-12 Schedules and Pokemon

Our friend Jason emailed in again with a lot more details about the Pac-12 programs and which Pokemon character they would relate to. We didn’t understand the email enough to read it on the show, so we are posting it here for anyone who likes Pac-12 football and Pokemon:

For those of you that are interested and those of you that are everyone else, break out your imagination caps, and let’s simulate in our brains what it would be like for Pokemon to be literally playing Pac-12 football following the conference-only schedule that was released before the season was postponed. The rules are the same NCAA football rules, but the players can also use their Pokemon powers.

Arizona State (Fire type) at Arizona (Poison type)
ASU has an overall better team full of much faster and more-skilled players. Charizard playing WR and Arcanine at RB carried the team to victory. ASU blows out the wildcats 59-0.
USC (Steel type) at UCLA (Water type)Water resists steel so the USC players’ powers are proven useless. UCLA wins 20-13.
Colorado (Rock type) at Oregon (Grass type)The ducks take advantage of the fact that grass type powers are supereffective against rock types, so Colorado’s players keep fainting on the field. Oregon wins 34-10.
Utah (Flying type) at Washington State (Ground type)Utah’s players are immune from Wazzu’s players’ attacks. Washington State wins 48-20.
Cal (Electric type) at Oregon State (Dark type)No type advantages here, but Oregon State’s team is bigger and stronger and rolls right over the Cal Bears. Beavers win by a touchdown 34-27.
Stanford (Psychic type) at Washington (Ice type)It’s a close game, but Washington’s players are bigger and stronger. Huskies win a low-scoring game 17-14.

Arizona (Poison type) at Washington (Ice type)
Arizona sucks, and the Huskies have a big and strong team. Washington wins 30-20.
UCLA (Water type) at Oregon State (Dark type)The Bruins look unstoppable with the power and size of their team, especially with their star lineman Wailord, but they still have trouble moving the ball, but win 10-0.
Utah (Flying type) at Colorado (Rock type)Colorado’s players’ rock type moves knock Utah’s players out of the sky all game keeping them unable to play. Colorado wins easily 35-7.
Cal (Electric type) at USC (Steel type)USC struggles to effectively use their powers against Cal just like they had trouble last week with UCLA. Steel ineffective against electric types, so Cal wins 42-30.
Stanford (Psychic type) at Arizona State (Fire type)Stanford’s small size and slow speed continue to be a problem for them. Sun Devils win 35-17.
Oregon (Grass type) at Washington State (Ground type)Washington State’s ground types are no match for Oregon’s grass types. Oregon Ducks win big 40-10.
Standings after week 2:

Oregon 2-0

Washington 2-0

Cal 1-1

OSU 1-1

Stanford 0-2

WSU 0-2

ASU 2-0

UCLA 2-0

Utah 1-1

Colorado 1-1

USC 0-2

Arizona 0-2

Stay tuned for Weeks 3 and 4 football games.
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