Pac-12 football week five review

It was another crazy weekend of Pac-12 football. Dave and Ryan review week five in the conference and release our new Podcast of Champions power rankings.

Podcast of Champions Power Rankings for week five:

  1. Utah
  2. Stanford
  3. Cal
  4. USC
  5. Arizona State
  6. UCLA
  7. Oregon
  8. Washington
  9. Arizona
  10. Washington State
  11. Oregon State
  12. Colorado


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  1. Hi guys, love the show. Wanted to talk about the infiltration of the word “bye” into the world of college football. Just because the NFL pundits mis-use the word doesn’t mean college football has to. A “bye” is a word with a definition: it means the transfer of a competitor or team directly to the next round of a competition or tournament in the absence of an assigned opponent. When a team is not scheduled, they are not receiving a “bye” or being advanced to the College Football Playoff; they are “Idle” or “Off” or they are said to have an “Open Date”. There are plenty of words that mean not playing this week, “bye” just isn’t one of them.

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