Pac-12 Cupcake War!

A couple months back we somehow started talking about the best tasting cupcakes on the Podcast of Champions. Listener Klane from Seattle chimed in saying that Trophy Cupcakes in Seattle was better than a couple of our favorites, Sprinkles and Georgetown Cupcake.

Klane was making a weekend trip to LA and offered to bring the Podcast of Champions some samples to taste. Klane and his lovely wife Amy met up with Ryan on Saturday and brought a full dozen cupcakes, two of which were decorated with the Pac-12 logo!


Thanks so much for making the trip to Hermosa Beach Klane!


Then came the taste test.  I tried the Pac-12 cupcake which was vanilla cake and vanilla icing. Very, very tasty and a great ratio of icing to cake (I like the thick icing and this cupcake certainly had that).  I also tried the red velvet and liked that one as well. These cupcakes are legit, no doubt about it. I am going to have to arrange some sort of blind taste test down the road.


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