Jon Wilner talks about DirecTV and the Pac-12 Networks

Jon Wilner from the San Jose Mercury News joins the Podcast of Champions to give us an insider take on the status of the deal between the Pac-12 Networks and DirecTV.


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  1. Jon Wilner from the San Jose Mercury News has some very good points about the Pac-12 Network not being able to work a deal with DirecTV; due to lack of leverage from the ambivalence of many Pac-12 fans who don’t know what their missing in terms of content and coverage. With the current contempt and total disrespect that DirecTV has shown toward the Pac-12 and the Pac-12 Network, it seems like it’s time that the conference should finally begin providing some marketing promo with a discount promo code for Pac-12 fans to switch any current carrier away from non-member carriers; (Namely DirecTV). The promo code, along with a marketing the content benefits of the Pac-12 network, including feature shows surround football and basketball should be covered. Pac-12 fans who subscribe to DirecTV; need to be convinced that it’s time to make a switch because it’s not just the actual games they’re missing, but also a lot of inside feature stories on teams, players and related events; not to mention all the other Pac-12 men’s and women’s sports. If the Pac-12 officials can convince to work a deal with their current member carriers; such as DISH; Comcast/Infinity, and other regional providers to accept the promo code, and allow a free start-up, low monthly rate for first year, with no hook-up charge to fans who provide their DirecTV account number when they switch; —this could be a win-win for current loyal carriers, but also allow the conference to gain more long-terms leverage with DirecTV/ AT&T. With leverage, comes attention and respect from DirecTV / ATT. It’s time to send a message that PTN means business!! (Right now, AT&T/DirecTV believe they have ALL the leverage with no down-side to sitting on the sideline and trying to extract a pound of flesh from Larry Scott and Pac-12 officials)

    The promo switch could be marketed in cooperation with other media outlets where Pac-12 fans hover, such as all the Scout and Rivals football websites for Pac-12 schools; their IMG radio outlets, game-day stadium programs, even all the main online local newspaper outlets for sports such as ; etc.

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