Pac-12 college football opening weekend recap

It was a brutal first week of college football for the Pac-12 with some bad losses and poor showings by elite teams. Dave and Ryan break down each and every game going over the good, bad and the ugly.


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  1. Love the podcast. Keep it up, guys.

    One suggestion I have is to have a “good” and “bad” version of the teams’ introduction sound. Then you can choose which sound to play based on whether they performed as expected/better than expected or under performed.

    Some suggestions for the “bad” theme:
    UCLA–The sound of a baby bear crying in the woods
    USC– A few bars of UCLA’s fight song
    Washington State–Keep the same sound
    ASU–The sound of an actual dust devil in a hot desert
    Stanford–Wind rustling tree leaves
    Arizona–A cat fight

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